Custom Software for Desktop or Mobile

I use Adobe AIR to build applications for desktop or mobile. Using AIR allows a cross-platform (i.e. both Windows and Mac, both Android, Blackberry, and iOS) application with one code base.

A blog post that sums up why AIR is a great choice for cross platform development.

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Dynamic Flex Applications for Web

With Flex we can build web applications that are highly interactive. I especially like Flex for data visualization, as users can drill right into what is relevant to them. We also get a great turn around building a web app in Flex as opposed to something comparable in JavaScript. Some of the biggest sites on the web today use this technology. Some cool sites out there using Flex include Mint, eBay, and many others.

Flex does compile to Flash, so iOS users (iPhone, iPad) will not be able to view the content. If these users are important or you actually do not have a lot of interactivity needs, we can talk about the option of doing the site with JavaScript instead of Flex.

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Web Site Development

I can put together your website for you. I'll use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to give you the maximum possible reach to potential visitors. It will also be easier to maintain in the long run than another programming language, like PHP or ASP. Simple interactivity like forms or interactive content is no problem. If you have bigger ideas, that sounds like even more fun!

If you want a real lot of interactivity, and you are not incredibly worried about visitors on iOS (iPhone or iPad), then we should talk about the option of doing the site or part of it in Flex.

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Code Samples

I have some code samples thrown together.

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