Hello, I'm Kaitlyn...

I am a software engineer consultant and contractor. I build custom software for web, mobile, and desktop.

My story

I come from rural New Jersey where I still have lots of family. I went away to Boston for college at Northeastern University where I was a dual major in Computer and Information Science. I did a co-op in Milan, Italy and a semester in Belfast, Ireland during my time at NU. I was also really involved in student groups. After graduation I moved to San Francisco to work for Adobe. I worked on automation tools there for a few years before I decided to leave them and venture off on my own.

One of my main motivations for leaving my nice job was to have the chance to travel. I have since done pretty well on those goals and still get around to interesting and beautiful places. I keep a travel log if you are interested in the specifics.

A wonderful surprise I never expected was that I met someone special early on in this adventure, while I was staying in Rome for two-months on a scholarship studying Italian Language. I now spend much of my time in Italy to stay close to him.

In my freetime...

I study Italian languge, bake cupcakes, take pictures, plan travel, plan my wedding, read the internet, eat cheeses, and sometimes get to go out with my friends and drink beers.