I’m Kait

Here is a collection of some of the places you can

find me on the web.

My company

Simply Digital

I made an android app…

I’ve always been very interested in organization and time management. So I built the planner of my dreams! I’ve been running this business since 2015.


Here is some positive attention that Simply.Digital has Received

YC Startup School

Part of the first Y Combinator Startup School class. A MOOC with a dedicated real advisor

Product Hunt Feature

After a PH launch, they wrote a feature about Simply Goals & Tasks

Xolo Feature

Feature written by this digital nomad business support company

Latitude59 Contest winner

Won a trip to Estonia 🙂


On YouTube

Having started making videos for fun about a year earlier, I decided to try to make them for Simply Digital.

The idea is to make videos for existing users to show them more about the app. Hopefully get them excited to become power users.

As well as some academic-style videos on different productivity concepts. Hopefully these videos might bring some new people to the app.

This is still a new endeavor, but so far very fun!

Hustle Castle

Videogame Guides

During the pandemic, I got really into a game called Hustle Castle (77 MM installs).

I wrote up some guides explaining game mechanics. This site now receives 2k unique users and 5k views monthly.

Then I decided to try making videos. These were really popular and I’m now arguably the biggest english-speaking youtuber in this community.

Looking for a way to break even on what I spend on this hobby, I opened a merch store. I worked with an artist to make original art inspired by the game. Then I opened a print-on-demand drop shipping store. This doesn’t make much money, so I will eventually take it down, but was a fun experiment.


Travel Blog

Back in 2010, I quit my software engineer job at Adobe and packed up my San Francisco apartment to try full-time travel. I recorded my adventures for posterity here:

I also got really into photography.

Still do a lot of traveling and photography. Also video, now. And more child photography mixed with travel photography.

I do a fair amount of writing for various things. For example, I was a “Top Writer” on Quora for 2016. They even sent me a nice messenger bag 🙂

Aurora & Lavinia


In 2015 our daughter Aurora was born. She’s so great, we did it again. In 2018 we welcomed Lavinia.